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U-Gears Monowheel

U-Gears Monowheel

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Meet another fabulous development of Ugears – a monowheel craft kits for adults! This brain teaser is able to roll on its own based on the charge given by the rubber bands, which are positioned inside the mechanism. Just wind them up, take off the brake, and release the 3-d wooden puzzle – it’s rolling will be able to push a wheel for around 4.9-6.5 ft (1.5-2 metres) on an even surface. Find the one with the inclination and watch as the power of inertia pushes the 3d brainteaser puzzle for as long as it meets an obstacle.

The level of assembly of this 3d logic puzzles is easy, so following its instruction performed in colour and step-by-step explanations, it’ll be cosily for adults and children to gather all 300 parts of wooden puzzle box together to receive a rolling monowheel wood puzzle, which is stout enough to roll on hard and semi-hard roads and surfaces. To make sure you can enjoy it for a maximal term, we have included 19 spare parts and extra rubber bands, which you can replace instead of worn-out details of puzzle wooden. So not to disassemble this DIY kit for adults completely just to change the details, we left enough openings on the hull of this steampunk large wooden puzzle so to make the reach easy and taking a few minutes only.

Turning our peaceful engineering minds to this type of transportation, we’ve come up with a wooden 3d wooden puzzle toy, making this puzzle 3d real brain games for adults and children.You can have fun with your family and friends, and even to use this shapes puzzles toy as the bowl to hit pins, which would be a wonderful recreational activity on holidays.