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Justice League Road Trip Game

Justice League Road Trip Game

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The earths most loathsome villains are at it again. Causing destruction and widespread panic on a level never before seen. As you attempt to make contact with the rest of the team, the WATCHTOWER is attacked.

Seconds before communications went dark, a partial message was intercepted from the plant APOKALIPS. The sourct of the message can mean only one thing - DARKSEID.
The details are vague, but the message was clear; DARKSEID calls for the destruction of the JLA. Cut off from the rest of the team, you rush out in search of the JLA's most nefarious villains in order to stop DARKSEID's evil plot.

Travel through the game board collecting information on DARKSEID's master plan. Carry out board actions, collect HIT TOKENS, and acquire TOLL PASSES while you dish out hard justice in HENCHMEN BATTLES. Gain access to the criminal underworld that lead to ENEMY STRONGHOLDS in your search of Earth's most loathsome villains. Return the villains to your BASE CAMP for information to help you foil DARKSEID's sinister plot. The first person to complete their SCORE CARD by Acquiring 4 unique VILLAIN TOKENS and return them to their BASE CAMP is the winner.

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